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Basement Waterproofing Services in Ottawa

Finishing a basement is one of the best ways to get the extra living space you need, and it also boosts your home’s value while creating more room for your family to grow. To ensure your newly renovated basement stays clean and dry, basement waterproofing is a must. Waterproofing stops water from entering a structure. An impervious barrier is put in place to stop water from penetrating the surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls, and other structural components. Water resistance has been also added to the building surfaces.


At Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd., we provide basement waterproofing services as well as repairs, inspections, and sump pump pit installations. If your basement is damp or has accumulated moisture, it can pose a threat to the entire structure. Prevent this by waterproofing the basement of your Ottawa property as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information about our basement waterproofing services.


Authorized Distributor

Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. is also home to certified installers and an authorized distributor of Platon Foundation Protectors. Platon membrane is a type of polyethylene membrane that helps keep your foundation and flooring dry. Its versatility makes it a great product for waterproofing block walls, concrete walls, wood walls, and other materials.


Signs That You Need Basement Waterproofing for Your Ottawa Home

For a homeowner, water intrusion can prove to be a nightmare. A damp or wet basement is a mightily severe issue that gives rise to numerous other problems such as mould, rot, structural damage, and more if not solved quickly. It also brings along a vast number of health issues, which is why basement waterproofing is always suggested. The damage can be controlled if the problem is rectified as soon as possible, which is why homeowners must know how to identify when to get basement waterproofing.


Homeowners in Ottawa can identify basement waterproofing problems by noticing a few signs, such as:

  • Cracking on the floors or walls
  • Collection of water on the floor
  • Leaks coming from the floor or walls
  • An everlasting smell of dampness
  • Leaky basement windows
  • Swelling or warped doors
  • Presence of mould or mildew
  • Condensation on basement windows or door
  • Crystalline deposit on concrete surfaces


Why Homeowners in Ottawa Trust Our Services For Basement Waterproofing

Customer Satisfaction

We at Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. in Ottawa are motivated to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We understand that dealing with a wet basement can never be a pleasant situation for any homeowner, which is why we strive to provide them with top-notch basement waterproofing services.


Time Efficiency

When homeowners in Ottawa hire us for basement waterproofing, we promise to promptly deliver our services. Issues like a damp basement can grow into much bigger problems if not taken care of swiftly. Our team works in a time-efficient manner to ensure that your Ottawa abode is a safe place to reside.


Experienced Professionals

Having successfully provided basement waterproofing services to a plethora of homeowners in Ottawa, our team of experienced professionals is competent enough to deal with your basement troubles. Our skillset and years of experience are the secrets to our success.


Competitive Pricing

Our services come at competitive rates, which is why homeowners in Ottawa have time and again invested their trust and money in our basement waterproofing services. Your money is valuable, and we plan to provide you with the right value for it with a satisfying experience.


Numerous Services

Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. is your one-stop solution for all basement waterproofing services in Ottawa. Give us a call, and we'll be at your disposal at the earliest. We do it all, from inspection to repair, and from waterproofing for new constructions to sump pit installations.

Types of Basement Waterproofing 

No two projects are alike when it comes to basement waterproofing. Ottawa homeowners can turn to Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. for both interior and exterior waterproofing services.

Internal Internal or interior waterproofing focuses on the walls and ceilings of your basement. Some solutions include using waterproof coatings or concrete sealers on the walls and proper basement drainage. While the latter isn’t a type of waterproofing, it does help keep out stagnant water.

External This is the most effective form of basement waterproofing as it acts as an immediate solution to water problems. Exterior waterproofing involves excavation and fixing uneven grading and inadequate drainage problems on the outside of your basement.

Waterproof Your Foundation & Basement

Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. can identify where and why your basement is leaking and provide customized solutions to solve your individual problem. A small water leak can quickly develop into a much larger problem for your basement, making it essential to have a waterproof foundation in Ottawa.

Some of the basement waterproofing services we provide include:

Inspections An inspection allows us to get to the root of your basement or foundation problem. It allows us to quickly identify problem areas to perform the necessary repairs or suggest new installation projects.

Repairs We handle a wide range of common basement waterproofing problems, including wall leaks, floor seepage, sump pump backup, overflowing window wells, and grading problems.

Waterproofing for new builds Waterproofing during the initial build of your basement can help prevent water damage, floods, mould growth, and more. If you’re building a new home and want to add a basement, consider hiring our team.

Sump pit installations A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in your basement. A sump pit or sump basin is where the water is collected. It’s important to have a sump pump in your basement if your foundation is below the water table, where water has saturated the ground. Putting in a sump pump pit requires breaking ground and invasive construction work in your basement.

Benefits of Waterproofing

Safeguards the building’s structural integrity

Prevents seepages from the ceiling and walls

Prevents dampness inside the building

Prevents mould, mildew and decay

Increases the property value

Basement Waterproofing FAQs

Why are there cracks in my foundation walls?

There are 3 main reasons: cracks are caused either by curing concrete, by foundation settlement or by expansive soils. Sometimes a crack is a simple issue, but It should be quickly fixed in the early stage before it leads to a bigger issue.


What causes basement leaks?

Sometimes the soil surrounding the foundation of your house becomes waterlogged due to rain or floods, and the excess water finds its way into the basement through cracks on the walls or the floor.


What are the obvious signs of a leaky basement?

The most obvious signs are a wet floor, moist spots, and water trickling down the walls. In addition, a leaky basement can also create mould and mildew growth, produce a musty smell, and have cracks, peeling paint, and bubbles on the wallpaper.


What are some exterior factors to look out for?

If your house is built on a low landscape, water will naturally flow toward it and soften the soil under and around your house’s foundation. If your drainage system is not properly installed, the water can pool around the house and weaken the soil. 


Can you seal a basement from the inside?

Yes, you can apply a sealant, but often the moisture still comes in through the concrete walls and floors, and they will eventually break the seal of the sealant material, and then water will get through again. It’s better to fix the problem by calling professionals and getting a drainage system installed along with other basement waterboarding services.

Reach Out To Us!

Secure your property and avoid structural damage by adapting preventative methods. Get in touch with Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. and get your free estimate. We also provide custom foundation services to meet your individual needs. Contact us today for more information about the basement waterproofing services we offer in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Get Your Foundation Right

We can provide an inspection and determine whether your foundation would benefit from waterproofing.

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