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Providing Structural Repairs for Basements in Ottawa

Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. can provide structural repairs to your foundation.

Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. can provide structural repairs to your foundation. Structural damage is any damage that affects the core structure of the building, including the foundation, walls, and load-bearing walls. If the structure is damaged, it may not be able to support the building for long. Structural repairs have to be done as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Whether you see a water leak or noticed structural issues in your home, you'll need to get a team of experts to assess the damage. From start to finish, Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. is qualified to perform all repairs and rebuilds in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us for a consultation and a free estimate.


Our Structural Repair Services

Before deciding on a repair method, we examine mouldings, trim boards and mortar joints to determine whether your foundation will require structural repairs. We provide three main structural repair services in Ottawa:

  Foundation jacking

  Foundation underpinning

  Foundation wall replacement


Foundation Jacking

If your foundation is sinking, it was likely installed on poorly compacted dirt, which then began sinking with the weight of the foundation on top of it. Jacking corrects a slab's position and prevents you from having to replace the whole concrete slab. Instead, we simply float the slab back to its original position by pumping additives beneath the slab. This method causes little or no disruption to landscaping — nothing needs to be moved off the slab — and typically costs half as much as replacing a slab.


Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is the process of strengthening the existing foundation by extending its depth so it rests on more supportive soil, or its load is distributed across a broader area. A building typically needs underpinning when cracks are wider than ¼ inch, and there are signs of a faulty foundation. The most common underpinning method is the mass pour method, where sections are excavated in sequence to a pre-established depth below the footing, and extra concrete is placed in each pit.


Foundation Wall Replacement

Sometimes a repair isn't sufficient to solve your foundation problem. You may have significant damage to your walls. You may also have old walls that were built with inferior materials and methods, and they now lack the structural integrity needed to hold your house up. If your walls are deteriorating, we usually recommend replacement. We ensure each wall replacement project goes smoothly and quickly to minimize disruption to your home. The process includes:

Building a temporary framework to support the beams and floor joists that are held up by the wall that needs to be replaced

Removing soil from around the foundation

Dismantling the old wall and footings (if your foundation has footings)

Putting up the new wall, tying each course of concrete blocks into existing adjacent walls

Dismantling the temporary supports

Causes of Damage to the Home Structure

Structural damage to a house is often caused by water. Any building may have structural damage if the roof or any load-bearing wall has been compromised, as a result of either a water leak, an intense storm with high winds, flooding or other natural disasters.


Signs of Damage that Require Structural Repairs

Most structural damage is obvious. Visual inspection is the best way to initially find it. Here are some of the things to look out for:



Look for large vertical cracks in the foundation walls both inside and outside the home. Large horizontal cracks may indicate that the home is sliding off its footings.


Roof and Walls

The main cause of structural damage to roofs and load-bearing walls is shifting. Check the roofline to check whether it slants at either end or droops in the middle.


Rotting Wood

Stab the wood with a screwdriver to check wood joists for insect damage or rot. If the wood is soft or crumbly, there most likely is a structural problem.


Signs of Structural Damage in the Interior

Doors or windows don’t close or open properly

Uneven gaps around windows and doors

Cracks in the drywall or plaster around door frames

Cracks in basement walls

Bowing of walls

Gaps between walls and floors

Uneven or slanting floors

Wet insulation

Wet electrical circuits

Signs of Structural Damage in the Exterior

Cracks in foundation walls

Cracks in stairs, brick or stonework, and mortar joints

Cracks in window glass

Gaps between the stairs or porch and the home

Gaps in the door or window frames

Leaning chimney

Reach out to Us

If you have noticed any signs of structural damage in your home or business, or if you are looking to purchase the home or business, you want to have the professional team of Capital Foundation & Waterproofing Ltd. review the structure to know if its integrity is at risk.

We can advise you on whether you need a full replacement, or if your foundation problem can be solved with a repair. For more information on our structural repair services in Ottawa, get in touch with us today.

Need Advice?

We can provide an inspection and recommend the best structural solution for your foundation.

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